Saturday, May 18, 2013

11 days

I wanted to write this post 1 month before going to Angola but time just flew by. 
In 11 days I will taking my flight to Luanda... to start this year field season!!!
Despite the limitation (or inexistence) on internet access in Kumbira area I promise to try to keep the blog as update as possible.
I want to thank you all my funders for their support....without you this would has never been possible.
Also a special thanks to my family, friends and colleagues whom have always being supporting and encouraging me :)


  1. Dear Aimy
    We are amateur birders. We would like to join you at your campsite during our trip. We should be in the Kumbira Forest area for the nights of 28 & 29 June.
    Please send us the coordinates of you campsite? We would love to bird with you for one day?
    Kind regards
    Mrad & Inge (South Africans)

  2. Hi there Aimy - I googled Kumbira forest (due to the fact that my parents are there at the moment) and found your blog. I see their comment on your blog as well :)
    Hope you enjoy their visit as much as I know they will enjoy your knowledge and insight.
    Will follow your blog and wish you and the project well :D
    Regards, Renate